Would you like to have one set of processes done to you that will bring a tremendous change to your life? The Magnetic Heart Activation is the crown jewel of the HeartGrid system. This is a really powerful series of activations, outside of the control and the influences of your intellect, of your ego, and of your reasoning ability, but it brings changes that allows you to see things with these qualities - with your reasoning, your intellect, your ego.

It will allow things to change starting at the deepest levels.

 Magnetic Heart Activation


  • Disclosure of the true self and the connection with the divine nature in itself at the cellular level.
  • Waking up in a world of awareness and connectedness with the universe.
  • Exiting of the program "I am a victim".


"Dear Steve,

I just have to share with you what's on my heart last couple of weeks...since I've done my first activation I'm someone else...someone better than before and thank you and Him for that!
I didn't have a clue what it is,I was just attracted to it and I had to do it!

When I feel what's right for me to do on my spiritual path I don't need to undestand it on the intelectual level...enough is just to feel it It doesn't
really matter wheather it's my intuition or my heart and I don't need to name it.

For more information on when the next webcast or live event for the Magnetic Heart Activations are see the Events section of this website. To receive the activations one on one privately with Steve in person or via Skype contact Steve via email to set up an appointment for the first level of the Activations.