It's funny how perfectly timed this Trust class today has been.

In the past few days I've been going through loads of things: like really coming to the knowingness that all the things connected with my life are just stories. Everything!

And I've been in a kind of an unusual state of mind…or I'd rather say no-mind. Most of the things in my head have been dissolving. And I feel like I'm floating in this space of now. I'm boundless. Actually it's hard to say I…because there is no I…this I is just a set of thoughts appearing in what I really am. And the thoughts that shape my personality are the ones that I feed the most with my attention. (that's why I especially loved the J.K. Rowling download you thought of – we really do create everything with our focus, and it all can be changed).

Emotions rise and go away, sensations appear and disappear, but none of it touches who I am really.

It becomes really funny at moments, because when I need to talk to someone about something, I feel I could die laughing… all the „serious“ stuff I used to share seems so ridiculous now. Now that I think of it...kissing instead of talking seems like a lot more fun for the lips.

So I am this new me, which actually isn't new because it has been that which it is now and always.Do I make sense? I sure hope I do, because my mind is getting totally confused. And it's happy it could write a few sentences about all this to someone without appearing too crazy.

Omg omg…I think I've lost it! Or found it…however you may put it.

Anyways, thanks for the class today, it was immensely helpful. :)

Latest testimonial from a lovely woman that took the basic ThetaHealing Class with her teenage daughter.
Oh, Steve.. If there was a way to show you my gratitude.. You should have seen the transformation in Jessica after the course.. She has grown so much, are so positive, believes in herself, making new friends and even got a job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jessica and I had a great ThetaHealing last night too. And just to see how confident she is now.. wow! A big, grateful hug coming your way xx


Hi Steve

I just sent you 500 NOK because I appreciate how available you have been and how much I've evolved since I've met you.
I was already on my path, but the way you communicate and your technique has been extremely helpful and right for me.
My life is the best it's ever been and I see, feel and perceive pretty much everything in a way I never imagined. :) :) :)

"Wow, it really affected me. I started to feel depression, anger and what surprised me the most is, I had feelings of jealously towards my ex husband which was strange because I didn't realize I had those feelings. Then after about 36 hours I was clear, and still feeling very clear. Very very interesting process!"


as for the activation magnetic thing:At first it seemed to bring a lot of anger up and now it feels like I am less quick to judge others and move more into understanding the person or people, noticing the oneness and interconnectedness to all life and i can no longer seem to gossip as it feels so uncomfortable vibrationally. I also

[09/02/2011 9:52:45 PM] feel like it helped me to open up and be more receptive to changing my thoughts and focus more easily on what it is that I do want to create


I have just talked to Charlotte's father and all the bitterness and sorrow came out... Anger crying and so on. Finally I got to say how big I feel my responsibility has been, and finally he actually showed he understands and stopped attacking me. Heavy I am, all empty. Feels good actually. And now he wants to support us more by picking up Charlotte or drive her home. His work stops him from seeing her more though. This was very important Steve and I'm glad. Maybe it was the heart work that made me able to express these feelings and solve these energy blocks of bitterness and so on...

here are some comments from an in person group Heart activation

this was amazing, Steve! just amazing... sooo coool! :))))))))))))

♥ totally freaking amazing ♥

Thank you so much, Steve :) Have to quote the others here.. It was sooo amazing :) ♥

Anyway, Thanks Steve, for that! I'm still integrating the session,
but already good things are happening! I'll journal back to you in a
couple days. Good work today!! I have a real good feeling about

AND here are some testimonials from regular Healing Sessions.....

I wanted you to know what has been going on with me after that incredible download you did.

I am definitely thinking on a different level I am understanding things on a different plane It's quite remarkable. Stay tuned

Love, Chris


It is not easy to put into words what I have been experienced since my last theta session with Steve. Positive changes are going on inside -- effortlessly. My life, which has been badly torn by recent events, is back on track. I feel stronger -- spiritually, emotionally and even physically -- than maybe ever in my life.

Ms. Christopher Wills Chapin


My experience with Steve Parker changed me. It was very positive. I felt very comfortable during the sessions and twice as comfortable in my own skin afterward. I felt more present, more joyful and less afraid of life. I was more connected to a higher power.

Specifically we worked on my stage fright, which has been a problem for me my whole life. Five days after one of the sessions, I was asked to model in a fashion show. Not only was I not afraid, I actually enjoyed every minute of the experience.

I am very happy having worked with Steve and truly gained a lot for it.


Aimee Noel


My first experience in working with Steve Parker in ThetaHealing happened a few months ago when he took a look at me from a physical perspective and noticed that my energy flow inside my body was off. It took him less than a minute to correct the situation. Sometime after 9:00 PM that evening when I came home I went out for a long walk feeling rejuvenated like I hadn't felt in many many years. It was such a great experience to feel my energy being back in a way that it hadn't been for years. What Steve did in a few minutes that evening was something that 2 years of weekly acupuncture sessions hadn't been able to correct.

Then, a few weeks ago I started to work with Steve again on a weekly basis in ThetaHealing to resolve some emotional issues in regards to grief that I've been carrying around for a long time. With Steve's help I'm making a steady progress in releasing this emotional residue. It feels like taking an onion apart - layer by layer.

Steve is very experienced ThetaHealer well versed in all the aspects of ThetaHealing. I can dearly recommend him to anyone that are ready to pursue change in his/her life.

Mats Granlund

Los Angeles, 4/11/2005


I have worked with Stephen Parker for almost a year.

In my experience, Theta Healing is what psychotherapy wishes it could be, but never could. I have had emotional, spiritual healings that have manifested in weight loss, years falling away from my overall appearance and great confidence. My art has improved and so have my personal relationships. It is now my expectation that life works for me. I am very happy.

And Stephen is a kind, wonderful person.

D. A. Graghic Designer and Artist


I visited Steve one evening just to be together with my pal. I was in a bit
of a spot, a rough period, dealing with some personal issues (e.g. my
intense reaction to criticism) and a sad family experience (my son-in-law's
on-going battle with cancer). After a while together Steve gently switched
from just being my pal to being my Theta guide. His technique in applying
Theta was extremely comfortable to me, quite unlike any therapeutic
experience I've had in the past. The results were subtle and I only truly
became aware of the impact of the therapy some days later, when I handled a
critical interchange in a new fashion (for me), almost as if I was an
observer rather than a reactive participant. Similarly, my intense fear of
my son-in-law's condition seemed to diminish and I was able to be more open
and straightforward in dealing with the issues that constantly arise.

Steve's Theta therapy seems to have yielded changes in me without having a
major impact on my personality. I feel like I'm still "me", but with some
long-held bad-stuff finally discarded.


Jack Birsall


"I have worked with Stephen Parker many times over the past two years and I
have to say he is a truly gifted theta healer. He is gentle, reassuring,
and really knows his stuff. He can 'get in there' and accurately identify
the beliefs and emotions that are holding me back and release them in
seconds. There is both immediate and long term relief that I have felt for
chronic conditions such as tendonitis and anxiety. Plus his work has helped
me improve my relationships with my family, friends and life partner."

Karen Abrams


Steven Parker and Theta Healing

Steven as helped me to identify and clear some complex confusions that I
have been carrying around (with or without my conscious knowledge) for
decades. This deceptively simple technique seems to be an
effortlessprocess, however, as a student of this process, I can see
where Steven has mastered a wide vocabulary of directions and extremely
flexible thinking , and his work wll surely be an added benefit to any
treatment and diagnosis.

Very Truly Yours,

Gideon Sarnat,

Santa Monica, CA


thank you again for the work on sunday--it's really been miraculous. i was too afraid to tell you at the time, but to be honest, the work we did pulled me out of being suicidal.




I have noted a marked difference in my energy and enthusiasm today. You have a very healing energy. It is also very grounding. My head is also clear, I slept well and I attribute that to the Theta work you did. Interestingly, I pulled Runes last night on various matters and they were consistently positive, whereas the day before they were consistently negative on the same subjects. So you may have in fact changed my destiny. Wow. Thank you. Many hugs you wonderful man.

Love Eve

Steve Parker
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Dear Steve;

I am the last person you healed (I guess) on the DNA workshop. The woman who wanted to get rid of her left arm!!! and wished to leave this plane!!

I wanted to thank you for the time and loving energy you spent on healing me and briefly share with you the result as you might be interested in as a healer.
The most striking thing out of that experience for me was to realize the viciousness of the ego when it comes to letting go of a program and I am referring to creating the desire to die rather than allowing a program to be deleted. That is something, isn't it?! That was quite a test, wasn't it?
I am still not able to do those yogic postures with my left arm, but after two days of having eyes like they have cried out ages of sorrow, I feel balanced and in my skin and comfortable with staying on earth joyfully and inshallah live my purpose fully before I leave.

I wish to acknowledge your beauty as a human being and thank you again.

Love & Light;