New Class: Grounding & Spirituality

Grounding and Spirituality"Grounding & Spirituality" is a very cool new class, in which I'm going to teach you a very simple but powerful physical grounding and rooting exercise. It can't get much more simple!

Through this exercise we are going to explore what your particular limiting ideas and beliefs are that keep you from having the experience of being connected with spirit and be fully present in the physical world at the same time.

Most uf us have the tendency to be out there, not present, not connected to the world, floating around. This course will give you a tool, a specific skill that you can use anytime, anywhere, to help you ground yourself. You'll walk away with a lot of clarity and you will have cleaned whatever it is that you need in order to have this as part of your daily experience.



Grounding & Spirituality TESTIMONIALS: