In Personal one on one HeartGrid Sessions with Steve we go deep into the real reasons why you may have been experiencing the things in your life that you want to leave behind.
Steve is known in the ThetaHealing world as one of the Best in the World at what is called Digging. His Style as also been described as World Class coaching techniques WITHOUT any formal training in coaching.
He combines all his experience in ThetaHealing, Matrix Energetics, Energy healing, The Eternal Pi formula and years of personal self examination and an understanding of depth psychology.
With 10 years of experience helping people release that which has been the cause of much pain, he has a rare kind of balanced, down to earth wisdom that you don't see very often in the metaphysical world.
Steve also combines humour and a special irreverence that opens people up and makes them feel more and more comfortable finding out what's really going on within them and then changing and healing the core.


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