During Intuitive Anatomy Class everything that happens in our lives, including things that happen outside the normal hours of the class is still part of the class in perfect harmony. Its significant for a teacher to work on her own issues. Today i received an amazing healing from Steve. I highly recommend his healing videos! It helped me so much, that help the whole class. Thank you, Love and Gratitude you are a beautiful Soul 


Steve Parker I'd like to take this facebook space to share a testimonial for Steve and his wonderful Theta work. After my first session with Steve I felt a shift of limitations and clarity of spirit. Over the next week I experienced a sense of peace and fulfillment (my session involved my reluctance of 'having to be here, a spirit in a human body). My second session was around the energy of money and certain limiting beliefs holding me back at expressing myself. Both were profound, gentle and liberating. Thank you

Hi Steve!

I just got done watching my video for the third time...I am amazed! I so needed to hear that that I had this amazing light and energy coming from inside of me. I think I knew that down deep but to be able to bring that to my awareness has done wonders for me. My heart area has opened up greatly since I first watched this... I am so able to let this feeeling of fullness just be. Thank-you so much! You have a great gift there.....and I am feeling blessed that I allowed myself this opportunity. I will keep watching and let the healing continue.
I am truely grateful

Thank you very much Steve! Well, that was a huge surprise, and also a huge release. I became very emotional kind of mid-point of the video, and by the time you finished I felt a lot more peace than I have felt in a long time. I will watch the video over and over, and I'll let you know of my total experience over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again!

This was very powerful. You are brilliant!! The whole time and still I feel a pressure from the inside of my crown chakra, like the top of my head is wide open. At the two point I had a caugh attack and when my brain was changed I was laughing so I almost cried. The 5,000 year knowledge feels very sacred, loving heart opening and powerful. Thank you

Thank you, Steve. Just watched it and need some time to absorb all of it. Really intense. Everything was just right and we can talk more about details, if you're curious. While I was watching the video, I "felt" most of the work done on my body, as if I fainted lightly. It was wonderful and I'll certainly have to go back and watch it again many times. All of it was pertinent, even thought you don't know me enough to understand. Please keep doing this beautiful work, so you can help others too.

Steve!!! zia! Thank you! Beutiful day and your gift what you made at the beginning this year to me is with me, giving me softness from a tigers step, safety, fuerzas ,dam it that i can t say it in english:) you dave me such a big calm with that kind of meditation or i don t know exactly what it was. is just amazing. i mean- shit happens since, like shit happend before, but i am like so calm, and just watching, how the show is going on and my soul is in a deep calmed silence and smile...... soooo i hope you feel, what i wish to tell you -big hug Steve, i am gratefull, that i know you!!! lots of love

WOW! is all I can say for now. I wrote some 15 pages of a little notebook, I cans ay that would be my learning, and that was after the first half of the video.
After feeling tortured by my own self for too long to know, I feel normal!
Usually theta spaces me out, I feel amazingly uplifted etc. This time I feel like my self, God, I feel like God would feel if he were me Hahahaha.

Hello Steve Watched the video again and similarly had an amazing experience. My reality has drastically changed. I see things clearly, and what I do not, I am not worried about. I feel so so fresh, like a new person. I would like if you could do this for my sister as well. I will pay for her, so if you can send me the request

Dear Steve, I have just finished watching the video you made for me. Thank you so much, I feel light as a feather and as if a great burden (a ton of bricks) has been lifted from my chest. I really want to go meditate now, so I will do that. Thank you again, you really 'hit the spot'. Hopefully now I will be able to reach down inside myself and pull out whatever I can!
Love and rockets,

About your video :
I did't see it immediately, because I felt so good that I finally moved my I ass, and I start to work.... I think that video started to work on me even I didn't sow it... I saw video after 10 days, and I'm continuing to put my staff in order... I wasn't like that (full of will and energy, and without blockades, for a very long time...). thank you!