"Dear Steve,

I just have to share with you what's on my heart last couple of weeks...since I've done my first activation I'm someone else...someone better than before and thank you and Him for that!
I didn't have a clue what it is,I was just attracted to it and I had to do it!

When I feel what's right for me to do on my spiritual path I don't need to undestand it on the intelectual level...enough is just to feel it It doesn't
really matter wheather it's my intuition or my heart and I don't need to name it.

The curtan has fallen as soon as you started the meditation-everything was clear in an instant!
I had a feeling like my heart is growing with every breath i took,and along with my heart I was growing,too!

For the first time I felt how big and magnificant we all are and there are no good and bad people or events...everything happens for a reason and most of the time we don't see the bigger picture!

We are nothing but actors playing rolls from which we have to learn how to grow and change ourselves,our nature and our we can finally come to who we really are.

Those things I understood on the intelectual level,but now i felt it...i could clearly see it on the activation!
Like i was blind and now i opened my eyes!

I could really feel belongingness and being one with everything and everyone around me!
I see people in a different way now..I'm looking with my eyes and.I see them with my heart!
On a phisical level amazing things are hapening to me....big things,important things...and they are all coming to me.

I just think of something with the right consciousness and it happens,it's amazing!
Gratefullness and gave them to me and they are the key for this magic!
Im not afraid anymore of being great and I see others as great souls as well!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are!Thank you for sharing this beautifull knowledge with us.
You are a gift to all of us!

Lots of love and light in your world

"Dear Steve,
thank you for the activation yesterday! I am very grateful. How did I get so lucky :)

First sensation started with receiving Diksha. I felt calmness and joy. Activation was like light and very pleasant pressure and expansion from the center of my chest. And from that moment on I just couldn't stop smiling. My whole chest area slowly transformed into a big ball of energy expanding all around my body. Not ecstatic, but beautiful, gentle, peaceful, empowering and joyous state.

When I got up from chair and started walking, my body felt softer, more fluid, less dense. (I could move like an octopus :)) Like I don't have bones, joints, organs, not even a skin. I can see it, touch and feel it as before, but as a whole, my body feels little different. Like my aura is now part of my body, and I can somehow sense it better.

Today I feel the same :) And it feels so natural. I'm a little bit more present, mind is little quieter.
So far I didn't experience any anger, but I'm open to welcome anything that wants to come out. As a mum of very determined 3-year old, I'm looking forward to see my reactions and behaviors in the next days and weeks.. :))))

This is beautiful “upgrade”. I wonder what else is possible?

Thank you again for this opportunity, and thank you for you. It was fun and inspiring!
Till some next time, bye..



"The activation.

Well, I had only one problem (an unavoidable one unfortunately), the guided meditation was not so great because of the translation. I lost my concentration bit by bit, and even though I expanded my consciousness pretty quickly (faster than you talked about it, it actually did that itself, I didn't force it), my legs began to hurt from the seiza position. Usually, when concentrated, I can last a loooooooong time in that position. I had to switch to the "normal" meditation position so I don't go "out of it".

And when you had the blessing made, nothing was really happening. It could have been the pain in my legs distracting me, but as I felt the room, there was slightly different density where the rest of the people were, some "figures" moving. And suddenly, I saw Alan Watts tapping me on the head and saying something like: "you know all this. and you don't need a blessing from a light being, you are one." and I felt as if sun rays were cracking my skin

open from the inside, in a good way hehe. It may have been only in my head, but who knows.

Later on, I felt as if needles were puncturing my heart. When I opened my eyes, the air seemed more dense, time seemed to have slowed down. The vibration feeling I told you about was actually me not having a sensation of a body, but feeling like a TON of little balls just dancing together and forming what was my body. I kinda didn't even have a feeling of gravity, which made going down the stairs a bit weird as you can imagine. I was walking through the street and everything was so vivid. I even had to restrain myself from laughing. I don't even know why I was laughing. I did have a Satori (or something similar) like, two weeks ago, and I laughed my head off after it. It was awesome hahaha :D so I related the laugh to it. Guess they don't say this for nothing: "When you attain Satori, there is nothing left but to have a good laugh." :D

So later, I was waiting for the tram, and I breathed in deeply. My heart just felt like it was punctured with a rapier, but no pain, just that feeling. Ten seconds after I feel this EXPLOSION from my heart. I felt like Wile E. Coyote swallowing a dynamite. The explosion stopped at my throat a bit, and just went through my torso. The reason for this might be I'm having a bit of trouble with my throat chakra. Sometimes it's ok, and sometimes it's not. I was even feeling the block after the activation, but I just didn't care, cuz it was ok. Anyway, that explosion was something huge, and

it seemed like it just went further outside of me. It looked like a huge ball explosion with no visuals except some blue electricity on the front of the impulse wave. That's the way I experienced it.

One day after the activation, I felt more relaxed. I could "control" my mind more, not having those unnecessary thoughts, and even when they appeared I didn't have to bother with them. It was just SO much easier. Also, my heart still feels like it's changing. Like needles inserted in it but dancing around or something. It's like it's waiting for something to trigger it. Well we DID say that it'll go at the pace that we're most comfortable with. And I knew from the start there's gonna be more, so I didn't wanna say too much at the time. Even this is not all of it, but wanted to write it down while I still remember it. Have lots of exams soon so I'd probably forget it hehe.

I really found that, knowing This, I don't have any need to pursue anything anymore. It's all so great.

I even don't feel like meditating anymore. Actually, the day after the activation, I wanted to, but I felt .. uh.. umm.. scared? about what will come out of it.

It just felt so damn huge and beautiful and everything I was intoxicated with it, you could say. So I didn't. I'm not in a hurry anyway. Not anymore at least.

I'm enjoying life more now. The experience helped me a lot. Thank you.

I am aware I have things to work out too. But that's just a part of it all so I'm not that worried about it anymore.

If I can help you in any way, always feel free to chime in. I'll help if I'm able.

And I'd love to talk some more if you find the time.

Also, sorry for the long story. Hope it's not too boring :D

Stay well!




"Wow, it really affected me. I started to feel depression, anger and what surprised me the most is, I had feelings of jealously towards my ex husband which was strange because I didn't realize I had those feelings. Then after about 36 hours I was clear, and still feeling very clear. Very very interesting process!"


"I have received this healing by Steve Parker. I really can recommend it strongly. To me it has given an even deeper peace inside and more joy coming out. :-) ♥♥♥"



" for the activation magnetic thing:At first it seemed to bring a lot of anger up and now it feels like I am less quick to judge others and move more into understanding the person or people, noticing the oneness and interconnectedness to all life and i can no longer seem to gossip as it feels so uncomfortable vibrationally. I also

[09/02/2011 9:52:45 PM] feel like it helped me to open up and be more receptive to changing my thoughts and focus more easily on what it is that I do want to create"



"I have just talked to Charlotte's father and all the bitterness and sorrow came out... Anger crying and so on. Finally I got to say how big I feel my responsibility has been, and finally he actually showed he understands and stopped attacking me. Heavy I am, all empty. Feels good actually. And now he wants to support us more by picking up Charlotte or drive her home. His work stops him from seeing her more though. This was very important Steve and I'm glad. Maybe it was the heart work that made me able to express these feelings and solve these energy blocks of bitterness and so on..."


Here is a HUGE new testimonial for Magnetic Heart Activation from someone who attended a webcast activation.

Journal on Magnetic Heart Unity Wave Process

"During the Magnetic Field Heart Activation itself, something surfaced immediately for me. It was at the exact point in the process at the end where the group on the call was actually receiving the Activation, which was a brief moment in terms of time. Right at this exact point the person that I live with, and which has been some cause for considerable angst, walked by the room where I was sitting, and so I was momentarily distracted during the download.

I couldn't help but ask the question, "of all the times for him to walk past me, why did it have to be at the exact moment I'm receiving the activation process"? Then there was a momentary fear that maybe the activation didn't work because of that. Then I remembered what Steve said about time collapsing and things surfacing, and I realized that THAT was exactly what surfaced for me -- the belief that someone has the power to keep me from my connection to who I am. I also heard a voice the said, "Trust the process. You got the download."

I immediately felt a wave of warmth come over me, and then I felt calm. I opened my eyes, and the first thing I noticed was the hardwood floors. I had never noticed how rich the colors were before. I had a strong desire to go outside and experience nature, even if just for a walk around the block. I had taken this walk a few times before, but this time my senses were definitely heightened, and I could feel, hear and smell the wind and saw the tops of the evergreens which are in my neighborhood. I was experiencing nature with depth and richness that was definitely more intense than I normally would feel, plus I still had that "warm and fuzzy" feeling, and the cool air actually felt good!

I had computer work to do with a deadline that day, so I knew I had to keep going on that. It got to be towards the end of the day, and normally I would have continued it to the end and then pretty much ended my day. This time I thought, I can get away with a break. I think I'll go to my favorite coffee bar and enjoy being in this energy. So I closed out of the computer and I went out! I have to say, my energy was AMAZING, and my perceptions continued to show a richness. It was coming on 6:00, so I needed to pay for parking.

Normally I am challenged by how to use the parking meter and I usually put my card in and end up paying the max, if I can get it to work at all. This time I put the card in and all of a sudden "knew" how to navigate the meter. I adjusted time time down because I knew I had less than an hour of meter time. I hit the minus minutes key a bunch of times, and when I hit the button to print my ticket, I had ended the time exactly at 6:00. I walked away going, "Damn, I'm good!"

This is much different than my typical experience of paying for parking. It was then that I knew I was definitely in a new energy! The rest of the evening was spent was just feeling good. The drive home was a medley of the Universe showing me one synchronicity after another, and one I'd like to mention is that I have a favorite song that I seem to hear when I'm really "tapped in." I just happened to have my radio tuned in and happened to be in my car at the exact moment, and the very song that was perfect for how I felt came on!

 Then something happened that has not happened before (in thislifetime). Let me first say, I have, on rare occasions, had music "come to me" when I'm in my half-sleep, half-wake state as I'm drifting off to sleep. On this first night after the Heart Activcation process, I had an extremely vivid color collection of art came, and it was something I've never seen before. It was something that I knew I could put on canvas and that it would be an absolute masterpiece (if I do say so myself!) I have not painted before, so I feel that this is a flowering of creativity that is happening.

The next day something else happened that was out of the ordinary for me. I had never been to a ballet before and I found myself manifesting ticklets.. The seats were bought at the last minute before the last show, and somehow there were two seats just sitting there in the orchestra section where all the other seats were taken! So here I am experience an art form on a level I had not experienced before!

Some time has gone by now, and while I do have a situation or two that exists that was present before the activation there is one difference. I'm not in the middle of that energy anymore with its clutches on me. I'm looking at it from the outside and observing it without resentment. Because of this, the situation has no power over me.

Things do appear to be surfacing and coming to a head. And what I'm finding is that the good that is in my life is REALLY good, and if I turn my attention to that, the other stuff just falls by the wayside.

This process was very powerful for me, and I have a really good feeling that this is only the beginning.


Seattle, Washington

Magnetic Heart Activation AMAZING Testimonial from someone on a recent Webcast:

"I have worked as a therapist for about 10 years now.
During that time I have worked with issues in myself, healed and learned new modalities.
My self-development has been under construction continuously.
So I would call myself a marathon woman in healing and self development.

Then I ran into the heart activation!!!

I came right down to some core root issues that I thought I had dealt with.
The issues I cleared with the Magnetic Heart Activation have made such a big difference that I sometimes scare myself.
In a good way, that is.

I feel so much love to myself now and that is very good for my surroundings!

After the Heart Activation I first fell into some good feelings, but the next day I started to feel some anger.
I have always learned to tame my anger so for some days after the activation I was really good at looking so happy and satisfied with all this anger building up inside of me.

It was a very funny experience.

One morning I couldn't hold it back - to my children’s great astonishment! They are ok now!! ;-)
And then after that I had some days where I was in total freak land.
I had dreams with many insights that I could interpret to my great learning, and fundamental traumas that I had completely erased came to the surface that I was ready to attack!! And heal!

It is very powerful, but also I feel that if I had not been a therapist I would have been in trouble!

Having said that, I still think, having the backup, dressed in a therapist uniform or whatever you could use as help during the anger time, the heart activation only opens up for however much you can personally take.

So what you are ready for?

This is not for spiritual wimps, but it kicks your butt right into Love Land and Freedom State!"

Betina Ekman
Happiness Dudette!