Would you like to have one set of processes done to you that will bring a tremendous change to your life? The Magnetic Heart Activation is the crown jewel of the HeartGrid system. This is a really powerful series of activations, outside of the control and the influences of your intellect, of your ego, and of your reasoning ability, but it brings changes that allows you to see things with these qualities - with your reasoning, your intellect, your ego.

It will allow things to change starting at the deepest levels.

 Magnetic Heart Activation


  • Disclosure of the true self and the connection with the divine nature in itself at the cellular level.
  • Waking up in a world of awareness and connectedness with the universe.
  • Exiting of the program "I am a victim".


  • Increased intuition, the ability to see and scan, as well as an increase in healing abilities.
  • You get access to the ancient knowledge and spiritual knowledge of other civilizations and from other dimensions in the universe.
  • Calibrating your perception of reality.


  • This activation "removes the shackles" from our hearts. Our hearts have straps that bind it. Are you ready to get rid of them once and for all?
  • This activation of our energy center of the pineal gland is connected with our heart!
  • And we are preparing for the 4th activation: in order for us to discover and recreate our entire energy structure, we have to create harmony in ourselves as female and male energy. In this activation we will integrate the female divine essence in ourselves.


  • The fourth level of the activation establishes the connection between the divine feminine and the divine masculine essence.
  • This connection creates a new and at the same time, recreates the oldest structure of the energy in your body, activating the 8th and 9th chakras.
  • The Egyptians symbolized it as Ankh - symbol of man and woman, the birth of the universe. It is a powerful symbol that helps to develop the capacity for magic and predictions.


On the fifth level of activation you have a new and deep connection with all that is. At a deeper level than ever before, the energy structure, activated by the 4th level of activation is disclosed as possible. Instant demonstrations are taking place in your life more and more. Deep peace of mind and peace of mind you and fill the whole universe around implements your deepest desires into reality.


On the sixth level of activation of the entire mesh creation, that we have created on the 5th level comes back fully within each of us and is now a powerful golden light is born within us and fills us completely.

And we become light.

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