The HeartGrid Cellular Light Body Activation is a variation of an ancient, very powerful, transformational awakening tool. It has been used in mystery schools for thousands and thusands of years. This tool is based in sacred geometry and is a process that activates what we call the light body, which is a higher vibrational body.

This is a powerful activation at the level of each cell! 

Cellular Light Body Activation

The difference to other light body activation methods is that, instead of activating the individual light body, with the HeartGrid activation we activate the light body of every single cell in the body. Trillions of body cells are all being awakened, all being reminded that they are made from light, and all becoming aware that they can express themselves in a higher vibration.

This is a process that bypasses the ego, the intellectual brain, your reasoning, and changes things at the deepest level. It allows the individual cells of the body to access the quantum field and make changes within each cell from the quantum state.

For more information on when the next webcast or live event for the Cellular Light Body Activation see the Events section of this website. To Receive the activations one on one privately with Steve in person or via Skype contact Steve via email to set up an appointment for the Activations.