Steve is a ThetaHealingMaster Instructor and has been awarded the Certificate of Science, the highest award in ThetaHealing, and Practitioner and Instructor with over 14 years of   international experience working with and teaching people all over the world.
Steve is the Creator of the HeartGrid Magnetic Heart Acitvations, the HeartGrid Cellular Light Body Activation, HeartGrid Personal Healing Videos and HeartGrid special Meditations including Native American Style Flute and Drumming Journey’s
Steve’s additional trainings, education include the following:
  • Matrix Energetics from Dr. Richard Bartlett founder of Matrix Energetics.
  • 30 years of Transcendental Meditation.
  • Initiations in Kriya Yoga from both Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath of India and Per H. Wibe of Norway. 
  • Bowen Therapy.
  • Internal and External Martial arts training from Dr. John Painter of 9 Dragon Bagua Zhang, Steve Gartin of American Kuntao Silat and James Gavsie of Total Defense Martial Arts.
  • additional interests include in-depth self study in Jungian Psychology, Philosophy, Mens Mythopoetic movement, psychic development, health and fitness and different types of massage.
Steve grew up in Canada and has lived in USA, Australia and currently spends most of his time in Europe.
Steve’s clients and students come from all over the world and has taught seminars and done group Activations all over the world.
Steve’s extensive travelling has made him truly a citizen of the world.